Osteria Frangipane
Research and traceability

Having a restaurant in Puglia, in Trani, the cradle of an intense gastronomic identity, handed down over the centuries, means daring. It is to have the courage to “rebuild” a dish according to tradition, to have the courage of a meticulous research of raw materials, guaranteeing traceability and high quality. It is having the audacity to innovate.

Ivan and Sara

Good food
is sharing

Two brothers and a great love: Fine dining. Tool to enhance the land of origin, Sara and Ivan Lacalamita, interpret traceable ingredients of Puglia in seasonal menus where innovation is contained in the memory, re-experience those traditional recipes that allow a combination of unique flavors, where the aromas of earth mix with the scents of the sea.

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Traceability: our best presentation

We asked ourselves from the beginning what could be the best way to express respect towards our guests. The answer was immediate and spontaneous: Each of our products, from birth to transformation, must be traceable. This is the philosophy that inspires “Osteria Frangipane”, this is our best presentation.

Our Osteria, your home

The restaurant has 40 seats in an intimate atmosphere. Set in shades of white and wood in its lighter shades, it recalls the colors of the city of Trani, known for its port and its monuments of important historical and artistic value, such as the famous Cathedral.

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We are Slow Food friend local

Food is history, traditions and present. The food is with us every day, at the table and as consumers during a trivial expense. Together with “Slow Food! we too want to participate in big changes with daily choices. Just start from the information.
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